Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Whoops I did it again ...

Bought active.

I've just put in a purchase order for £2,000  worth of AXA Framlington Biotech. This is despite the fact that my long term plan is to move most of my ISA funds into a low maintenance stable of cheap trackers very much along the lines of Monevator's "Slow and Steady Passive Portfolio".

However, I have always intended to keep some small holdings in a few specialist areas one of which is pharmaceuticals (I also have Herald IT (comms and multi-media) and IShares Global Clean Energy) and I needed to invest some of the cash left over from my recent sale of a third of my UK Growth fund that was sitting there doing nothing in my account. I looked for a passive-friendly Healthcare ETF but couldn't find one that was available to small investors in the UK so I took the plunge and went with one of the (recently) very successful active funds in the area. The downside of this success is that the fund is valued high at the moment which is another reason I should have perhaps found somewhere else to put the money. Oh well :-)

So, I must admit that I felt a little guilty after clicking on "Buy" but I consoled myself with the fact that the total expense ratio is a fairly low 1% and the trading costs came out of my commission credit so I won't be racking up fees at anything like the level I was whilst holding my CIS active fund at Royal London.

This investing lark certainly does play with the emotions.


  1. Calm down, Britney! :-) I know how you feel - I was tempted to wipe the slate clean after reading Tim Hale (and Monevator) and getting rid of all my actively managed funds but there's something about gambling on the chance of an actively managed fund beating the market - (oops, gambling again!).

    Good luck with this fund, I can't say that I know anything about it, or that I even looked at such types of funds - I don't want to look now, for fear of getting distracted or tempted haha!

  2. Thanks weenie. I think the word "gambling" was very well chosen. Most of the time I manage to persuade myself that's not what I'm doing but sometimes I'm not so sure :-)

  3. It's all a process building your "ultimate portfolio." I'd like to see more dividend income stocks in your portfolio.

  4. Thanks DivHut. You're quite right - I should perhaps be thinking more about dividend stocks especially that now it seems very likely I will be made redundant and I may need to rely on my portfolio for income.