Saturday, 25 July 2015

A Musical Interlude

As it is festival season (very funny analysis here by TEA) I thought I'd indulge myself by posting up a couple of clips.

I was at Warwick Folk Festival earlier this week and will be going back over the weekend (we live very close so there's not even any camping involved :-))

Billy Bragg headlined on Thurday evening and it was a great night. He's a long time musical hero of mine, the crowd were really behind him and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. He gave a great speech about the Labour leadership battle, expressing respect for Corbyn and disdain for the Blair view of things .... followed by  "UpHill - Socialism of the Heart". Wonderful evening .

One track he didn't get round to was "Great Leap Forward" so I sought it out on YouTube when I got home. The version below is a couple of years old so the lyrics aren't quite current but you'll get the gist.

(hackle alert for some out there I guess, but as weenie reminded me, it's my blog so I can post what I want, and it does sort of cater for the cyclists too :-))

 - take a look (and a listen).


  1. Hi Cerridwen

    Great to see you posting again.

    I didn't recognise Bragg with his beard in the second video and at first glance, thought you'd inadvertently posted up a video of Jeremy Corbyn when he was younger!

    Anyway, great lyrics and still relevant.