Sunday, 30 November 2014

November 2014 Update

November update here.

It was good to see the bounce back this month as all that red was looking a little depressing.

I have been practising a little market timing, hanging on and waiting to sell another £10,000 of my CIS UK Growth fund until it came back up to the price that it has been hovering around for most of the year. This fund has beaten the UK All Share index over the last 3 years so it does feel a little strange to be cutting down on it, but my portfolio is so unbalanced and having so much in one UK based fund is not such a good idea so I went ahead with my plan and sold when the price was right.

I must admit that I struggled with what to spend the money on. I read up on where those in the know (is there such a thing?) think the value is and the consensus seems to be that Europe, Japan, emerging markets (and to some extent the UK) are not over expensive so I split the money between my trackers and Investment Trusts in those areas. (ermine has just put up a great post on this subject which confirmed what I had gone with which cheered me up). I also put another £1000 into my Global Clean Energy tracker.

However, I didn't manage to re-distribute all the money and still have £3,000 sitting there in cash which I need to do something with. I've missed the 23rd of the month which is Interactive Investor's day for regular payments when trades only cost £1.50 and I only have £12 commission credit left, so I'm loath to pay £10 per trade and spread it around. This means I either have to put it all in one place or leave it till next month when inspiration might have hit about what to buy.

I've still got very cold feet about a US tracker which is what my masterplan says I should be buying but maybe I really did ought to bite the bullet on this - see below for current asset allocation which still looks very unbalanced in favour of the UK despite the fact that I've halved my UK Growth fund and been buying elsewhere. Must try harder :-)

Asset ClassesTotal(%)
UK Equities34.3
Money Market18.8
UK Corporate Fixed Interest7
US Equities4.9
Property Shares3.6
Europe ex UK Equities2.1
Japanese Equities1.9
Commodity & Energy1.9
German Equities1
Other Holdings24.5


  1. Hi Cerridwen, great to hear that you've finally been able to start rebalancing your portfolio. How close are you to your 'masterplan' allocations? That £3k should push you closer, even if you do have to pump more into the US tracker? I do recall you said you weren't too risk averse as you had your DB pension as your back up plan...of course, do your research before taking any sort of plunge!

    I'm getting closer to my own Portfolio for All Seasons and will be very glad when I get there so I don't have to fuss about it any more!

  2. Hi weenie. I did think I was a fair way into my rebalancing until I saw the analysis on my portfolio above which doesn't look too good. However I think this is because I have been concentrating on my ISA for my rebalancing but my portfolio also contains a fairly large sum in my CIS FSAVC which is over 75% UK. I have no control over this until I transfer it into my SIPP.

    I am very low on investment in the US but I still don't think now is the time to sort that bit out so I'm not sure what to do with the £3,000 at the mo - like you say, more research needed.