Saturday, 1 November 2014

October 2014 Update.

Portfolio update here.

 It's been a rollercoaster of a month that finished on a high - apparently due to action taken by the Bank of Japan to stimulate the economy. My portfolio certainly looks a lot better for it.

In other news I am feeling very pleased with myself for two reasons:

 1) Making such a success of ditching our letting agent and finding a new tenant with only 6 days lost revenue between rentals. I have OpenRent to thank for this and am driving everyone bonkers singing the praises of their service which I really can't believe only cost us £49. I'm still pinching myself.

 2) Fixing my broken Chromebook myself rather than taking the easy route and buying another. I took out the screen from the one with the scrambled OS which died last week and couldn't be revived and put it into the one with the cracked screen I dropped last year. The whole thing was as easy as pie (aided by an instructional video on YouTube) but, I'm ashamed to say, not the kind of thing I would usually attempt. A good lesson to learn. Along with "Be more careful with your ChromeBook" .


  1. Well done to you, both with the OpenRent thing (very impressed about that!) and also fixing your broken Chromebook (even more impressed with that!).

    Yeah, the BoJ did help my portfolio too - a lot of the red numbers I was seeing earlier in the month had turned black, so things didn't look so gloomy.

    Your portfolio is looking great - will you still need to rebalance it?

    1. Hi weenie, Yes I do still need to do some rebalancing but in order to do so I have to sell some more of my CIS UK Growth fund. That's been losing a little value recently so I'm hanging on until the numbers look a bit better. It did pick up quite a bit in the last few days so I may take the plunge this week.

  2. Hi Cerridwen,

    It looks like you had a good month all around. Well done on getting a new tenant so quickly. I've never been a landlord before, but I'm aware people can wait months and months to get new people in.
    Full credit to you for fixing your Chromebook yourself. I wouldn't have thought to even look on Youtube for something like that. I tend to forget how amazing that site is!

    It looks like your portfolio increased by a respectable amount too.

    Three cheers..... Hip Hip....


    1. Thanks Huw. Let's hope we all have a good November too. :-)