Monday, 2 March 2015

February 2015 Update

February's update here

The markets have been kind this month so there is very little red in my portfolio. My biggest monthly addition continues to be £1000 into my SIPP which I will be making until my husband retires in July. I'm still working on my strategy for the SIPP after that, but as it is pretty pivotal to my being able to retire in two years' time, it's important that I get it right.

I've also started investing in "Abundance" this month which I'm hoping will be something I can add to when we have any spare cash. I like the way that chunks of capital are returned each year, as well as interest paid, as this suits my time scales for when I will need the money (and it also allows me to support clean energy production).

All in all, a quiet but productive month, just the way we like it :-)

Summary Feb 2015
Total Funds Outstanding £22,284.95


  1. Did you go with the inflation-linked product, or another one for the abundance debenture?


  2. Hi TV,

    The type of debenture offered on Adundance depends on the project.

    The project I'm currently invested in (Oakapple Berwickshire) uses an Income Growth Debenture and has an IRR of 7.5%. I've also Pledged to another project with a fixed rate debenture.

    "An Income Growth Debenture, bought through Abundance, is a long-term unsecured certificate that gives the holder the right to receive a defined amount of interest income each year, which increases annually for the life of the investment. The amount paid out is not linked to the amount of energy produced and is paid in addition to repayment of their capital in the form of regular distributions we call "Cash Returns"."

    As you say they also arrange "Variable Return, Fixed Return, Income Growth and Inflation-linked Debentures. All Debentures pay a cash return twice a year, which comprises an income payment and repayment of capital (capital is generally repaid in equal installments each year across the life of the investment)."

    Are you at all interested yourself in their products yourself?

    Many thanks for stopping by :-)